23 | 08 | 2014
Welcome to Women into Politics
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Who we are

Women Into Politics is a cross-community organisation, practicing and encouraging the principles of democracy, community relations and development.  We are independent of all political parties, promote good relations and actively encourage the participation of women in all their diversity. Our work is underpinned by CEDAW and UNSCR1325.

What we do

Women Into Politics aims to raise awareness of the principles of community relations and strategies for building peace and promoting reconciliation.  We seek to contribute to the development of new methods of decision-making that ensure equal opportunities for participation.  We encourage and support women in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to enter or to progress in political and public life.

Women Into Politics works in partnership with grassroots organisations in a cross-community context and in co-operation with all elected representatives and policy makers for the advancement of women in decision making and to the benefit of the women's sector.

Women into Politics is the only NGO in Northern Ireland whose main strategic focus is to increase the number of women in decision making roles at all levels in our society. We have an excellent working relationship with all the NI political parties and have embarked on the next stage of our political skills programme in partnership with NILGA and the NI Local Government Commission.

As part of our strategy, Women into Politics works closely with like-minded international organisations to share our knowledge, experience and skills in peacebuilding work involving women and girls.